Every year millions of people around the world fall ill with the flu, a viral disease that has been known to man for more than 2000 years, but whose manner of transmission and combating have been studied only in the last 200 years.
Infuenza is a systemic infection of various tracts (mainly the respiratory, although in a number of cases there are present gastro-intestinal and osteo-muscular symptoms), due to the action of a family of viruses, the Orthomyxoviruses, made up of numerous constantly mutating viruses.

In the most vulnerable segments of the population (children below 12 years of age and the elderly over 70) or in cases of especially virulent strains such as the one that struck the world in 1918, complications may arise due to secondary bacterial infections that can even lead to death: in normal conditions, however, proper treatment of the symptoms and, where necessary, vaccination or recourse to antibiotics against secondary infections, allow for a normal course of the illness within about a week.

In an otherwise healthy persons, treatment of the flu is based on treating the symptoms to alleviate discomfort, respiratory congestion and pain; for example, the Paracetamol contained in Fluimucil Influenza e Raffreddore lowers body temperature in addition to having an analgesic action, giving relief from headache and pains to bones and muscles, whilst pseudoephedrine hydrochloride helps to decongest nasal mucous membranes inflamed by flu.

In addition to pharmaceutical therapy with Fluimucil Influenza e Raffreddore, a number of natural remedies such as taking infusions based on ginger, essential oils of eucalyptus and thyme, or honey, may contribute to alleviating symptoms of flu; additionally in order to ensure an untroubled course and a complete and rapid recovery, absolute rest and adequate hydration to reintegrate lost liquids are advised.

Rimedi influenza
  • Close contact with infected persons
  • Crowded and poorly aerated environments.
  • Stress
  • Reduced immune defences
Useful advice for treatment
Treat the symptoms to alleviate discomfort

Get vaccinated if one belongs to a vulnerable category (elderly, children, chronically ill)

As the flu is a viral illness, do not take antibiotics except in cases of complications of a bacterial kind

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