Cough, even though it is looked on as an irritation, is in reality of great help for the body. It is indeed a true self-defence mechanism, through which the organism seeks to expel from the airways irritants and infective agents, which are trapped in the catarrh, a defensive mucus of the organs of the repertory tract.

Listen to the Wet Cough
When the airways become inflamed, due to infections or external agents (such as cigarette smoke), a greater quantity ofcatarrh is produced as a response to the inflammation. This overproduction makes normal disposal of the catarrh impossible; the organism thus turns to coughing, in this case called wet or productive, as a mechanism for facilitating expectoration of catarrh in excess and harmful agents, avoiding in this way obstruction of respiratory channels. Once all the catarrh in excess is expelled, the wet cough ceases.

To treat wet cough, therefore, there is no need for anything except letting it cease, facilitating expectoration. In an infection of the airways catarrh produced is especially viscous; it is thus necessary for it to be fluidified.

For this purpose indeed mucolytic active ingredients are needed such as N-acetylcisteine contained in Fluimucil Mucolitico, which break the protein links, avoiding all risk of respiratory obstruction and making liberating the airways simple and painless.

In addition to pharmacological therapy with Fluimucil Mucolitico, a number of traditional remedies, such as taking honey or drinking more water, may help to combat the collateral symptoms such as sore throat or numbness due to the stresses that are typical of coughing.
  • Smoking
  • Sudden changes in temperature
  • Reduced immune defences
  • Crowded places (wherein the infection spreads rapidly)
Useful advice for treatment
Do not sedate the cough reflex.

Fluidify catarrh for better expectoration

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