The common cold, or viral rhinitis, is the most widespread disease in the world: every year, one billion people have to deal with the troubles and discomfort typical of this infection, which can have multiple causes.


The causes of the common old are typically viral: at least 200 different viral strains are associated with the symptoms of rhinitis: the most widespread are Rhinovirus and the Coronavirus.

The true cold, i.e. the appearance of symptoms, is mainly associated with the immune response of our organism to viral infection following a period of incubation lasting 2-3 days.

Other causes of rhinitis may be allergic reactions tied to pollens or allergens associated with animal fur (so called hayfever), sudden changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure (in vasomotor rhinitis) or exposure to irritants; among joint causes it is important to recall how stress can depress immune defences thus giving the virus the chance to attach the organism.

The treatment of the cold is based on an exclusively symptomatic therapy, intervening on nasal congestion and the rhinorrhoea, to reduce the discomfort caused by these symptoms, whereas the infection causing them resolves itself on its own in a few days. Treating the symptoms of the cold is of the greatest importance to avoid complications such as sinusitis, that that occur when the paranasal sinuses become inflamed and congested due to nasal obstruction.

It is necessary therefore to free the airways and reduce the congestion of the area concerned; the use of drugs such as Rinofluimucil allow action on both fronts, thanks to the mucolytic action of N-acetylcisteine and that of decongestion of the nasal mucous of tuaminoheptane phosphate.

To support Rinofluimucil, various natural remedies may be used to good effect: spices such as chili pepper, cinnamon and clove or vegetables such as onion and garlic have an antibacterial action useful for combating infection: it is well known that vitamin C contained in leafy green vegetables, in citrus fruits and fruit such as kiwifruit help the organism to keep its immune defences intact.
Additionally, rest allows the body to accelerate the immune response and aid a rapid and complete recover.

  • Stress
  • Contact with cold infected persons
  • Leaps in temperature
  • Crowded and ill-aired areas (aid infection)
Useful advice for treatment
Free airways from the mucus in excess

Rest to accelerate recovery

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