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Fluimucil Mucolitico Bustine 100 mg

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It is a N-acetylcisteine based compound for treating wet cough.
Children: 1 sachet d from 2 to 4 times a day according to age in acute forms
Adults: 1 sachet from 2 to 3 times a day for 5-10 days in acute form.

Fluimucil Mucolitico in granules is indicated for treating respiratory affections featuring thick and viscous hyper-secretion.
A sachet of Fluimucil Mucolitico in granules contains: active ingredient – N-acetylcisteine; excipients – Granulate of orange juice, Orange flavour, Saccharine, E 110, Saccharose.
Fluimucil Mucolitico dissolves the deposits of catarrh present in the bronchi affected by infection, cause of wet cough, and allows easier expulsion.
N-acetylcisteine exercises an intense mucolytic and fluidifying action on catarrh, depolymerising the protein complexes and nucleic acids that make it viscous; additionally it has an antioxidant action that inhibits the oxidant radicals and enhances the defence mechanism of the respiratory membranes.
Interactions with other drugs

It is not advisable to assume Fluimucil Mucolitico with:
- antitussive drugs, to avoid excessive accumulation of catarrh;
- active carbon, which may reduce the effect of the N-acetylcisteine;
- antibiotics taken orally whose activity is diminished by Fluimucil Mucolitico;
- nitro-glycerine, for the risk of hypotension, even grave hypotension and cephalea.

Should it be necessary to administer Fluimucil Mucolitico together with these drugs, strict medical supervision is recommended during therapy.
Fluimucil Mucolitico is advised against in children below 2 years of age. Special attention is recommended in administering the medication to patients affected by peptic ulcer. Taking N-acetylcisteine must be done only under strict medical supervision in cases of patients affected by bronchial asthma and during periods of pregnancy and  breastfeeding.
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