Fluimucil is the right remedy for flu-like symptoms
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Fluimucil Mucolitico
Fluimucil Influenza e Raffreddore
Recognise the messages from your body
Are you sure you know everything about respiratory system illnesses? Find out more on the possible causes, risk factors and treatment of the ailments.
Fluimucil World Wide
Protecting your airways since more than 50 years
The Fluimucil product family has a long story behind: it was first launched in 1965 by Zambon, a company with more than 100 years of experience in drug making.

Nota: vi rendiamo attenti sul fatto che state per lasciare il sito www.fluimucil.ch. Zambon Svizzera SA non ha alcuna influenza sui contenuti e sul concetto delle pagine linkate e declina quindi ogni responsabilità.